Wednesday workout tips with Coyotes trainer Mike Bahn

Last week I introduced basic bridging exercises to challenge the strength, stability and endurance of the entire torso musculature. Once a good foundation has been established in those basic exercises, an athlete is ready to be challenged with more dynamic activities that further challenge the torso to remain strong and stable. As always, be sure to check with a qualified trainer and your physician before implementing anything into your exercise program.

Once a good foundation of shoulder girdle and torso strength and stability has been established, stability ball rollup is a great exercise that will challenge both in movement. The athlete will assume a push-up position, with hands on the floor, arms extended, torso flat and legs straight with both feet on the stability ball. Have a spotted stand next to the ball to keep your feet from rolling off the ball during the exercise.

Keeping the arms straight and torso rigid, bend the knees to roll the ball towards the hips slowly and under control. Pause before slowly extending the legs and returning the ball to the starting position.

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