Getting to Know the Rampage: Summer Training

You watched them play all season. Maybe you can rattle off their stats or recall a memorable goal. But we wanted to dig even deeper when it comes to getting to know the Rampage, so this summer, we’re debuting the “Get to Know the Rampage” series. (Such an original and creative title, we know.) Throughout the summer, you’ll find out everything from Bobby Butler’s favorite food to why Quinton Howden might soon be getting a puppy to various hockey superstitions and more.  
To kick things off, we asked the guys about their summer training regimen – who they train with, what they do, etc.
I wake up at 7:30 and train at 8. I have a couple buddies who train with me. After training, I have yoga class or I’ll go play golf.
—Jonathan Racine
This will be my first summer I’m not back home so I have to figure that out, but I’ll probably workout at BU.
—Bobby Butler
I work out with Louis Mass. He coaches with the East Coast League team up there (Alaska Aces). He owns a hockey specific gym up there – just a gym for hockey players and it’s pretty good.
—Joey Crabb
I train with Mark Fitzgerald in Whitby. He works with the Leafs.
—Ryan Martindale
Randy Smith is my trainer. I’ve trained with him for five years now, basically since I started playing junior hockey.
—John McFarland
I’ve had the same trainer for the last three or four years, and we have a good setup. There are a couple other guys who also train with him. I take a bit of time off after the season and then I’ll start skating again.
—Garrett Wilson
A lot of NHL guys come back. I train with a lot of guys that I played junior hockey with. Most of them are all my good friends. I had a good setup last year – my brother was on the ice at 7:30 so I would train at 7 and we basically flip flopped. The pros would go on the ice at 10:30 and he would go in the gym so we’d both be done by 11:30 and he worked at a golf course so we’d go right to the golf course after.
—Quinton Howden
I’ve had the same trainer for five or six years now. He’s 15-20 minutes away from my house. That’s who I always go back to in the summertime.
—Michael Houser

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