Silver Dancer and Ice Girl appearances are an essential part of Spurs Sports & Entertainment's (San Antonio Spurs, San Antonio Stars, San Antonio Rampage, Silver & Black Give Back - formerly the Spurs Foundation, Austin Spurs, and the AT&T Center) community outreach efforts and provide our dancers' the opportunity to positively impact San Antonio and surrounding areas.  If you are interested in having a Silver Dancer or Ice Girl make an appearance at your event, please read and submit per the following guidelines.

  • Requests must be received through our online request form at least four weeks prior to the event.
  • Appearances are generally not scheduled earlier than one month prior to your event date to ensure the dancer's availability for our internal needs.
  • Upon submission of the online request form, you should receive an automatic reply email stating that your request has been received.  This DOES NOT mean your event is confirmed.
  • We will review your request and notify you by email or telephone within 10 business days on the status of your request.
  • Spurs Sports & Entertainment reserves the right to cancel an appearance at any time due to schedule changes, illness, emergencies, etc.  and every effort will be made to provide an alternative appearance.


  • Our dance teams are available for appearances within a 75 mile radius of San Antonio.
  • The Silver Dancers and Ice Girls are NOT available after 12pm on their respective game days.
  • During the playoffs, the dance team's availability is extremely limited.
  • The Silver Dancers are not available on Tuesdays and Thursday after 6pm due to practice.  The Ice Girls are not available on Mondays after 7:30pm due to practice.
  • A minimum of two dancers is required for all general appearances.
  • A minimum of four dancers is required for all appearances involving a dance performance.


  • Event coordinator must provide a reserved parking space for our dancers.
  • Event coordinator must provide security for our dancers if needed.
  • Event coordinator must provide a secure location for the dancers to store their personal belongings.
  • For appearances involving a dance performance, the event coordinator must provide a sound system equipped with a CD player and a small room where dancers can warm up.  Please also have water available.


  • The Appearance Coordinator will contact you by phone to discuss the event in more detail and finalize the contract and payment arrangements for the appearance. 
  • If there is a change in the date and/or time for any reason after we finalize details for the appearance, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the change.  If any appearance information changes after you receive confirmation, please notify the appearance coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Any uses of team name, logos, and trademark and/or any advertising that implies the support or sponsorship by Spurs Sports & Entertainment, must be approved in writing by Spurs Sports & Entertainment.   This policy pertains to all forms of advertising including print, television, radio, posters, website, photos, other, etc.
  • Spurs Sports & Entertainment retains the right to use any photography or video taken during the appearance for promotional or marketing purposes.                  

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