San Antonio Rampage
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This is your 15th Anniversary of San Antonio Rampage Trivia Quiz! Each question is worth 5 points, for a total of 100…if you score

0-20 points, head to the penalty box

25-50 points, time to get the skates sharpened

55-75 points, pack your bags for the ECHL

80-above he/she shoots! Scores!

100 points, we’ll just call you Barry Melrose.

1. Of the following Rampage players, which one holds the team record for most playoff games played (17) in his Rampage career?

a.Mikko Rantanen b. Rocco Grimaldi c. Bill Thomas

2. Of the following AHL teams, which one do the Rampage have the most wins against? (45)

a.Chicago Wolves b. Houston Aeros c. Texas Stars

3. Which of the following AHL teams have the Rampage NEVER played?

a.Providence Bruins b. Hershey Bears c. Albany Devils

4. Which year did the Rampage recover from a 1-6-1 start to make the playoffs?

a.2002-03 b. 2014-15 c. 2008-09

5. The Rampage won the West Division in 2014-15 with a team record 43 wins and 98 standing points. Which of the following was not a goaltender on that team?

a.Jacob Markstrom b. Dan Ellis c. Sam Brittain

6. On that Rampage division winner, they had 10 players with double figures in goals scored, led by Bobby Butler’s 22. Which of the following DID NOT score 10 or more goals that season?

a.John McFarland b. Drew Shore c. Quinton Howden

7. In 2012-13, which goaltender played in the most games for the Rampage?

a.Jacob Markstrom b. Michael Houser c. Dov Grumet-Morris

8. Which of the following players led the team in scoring that season (48 pts), 2012-13…an import from the Calgary Flames organization?

a.Jon Rheault b. Greg Rallo c. Jack Combs

9. Which Rampage goaltender has the most career shutouts (9) in Silver and Black?

a.Josh Tordjman b. Al Montoya c. Travis Scott

10. Who has the most overtime goals (6) in San Antonio Rampage history?

a.Quinton Howden b. Rocco Grimaldi c. Joel Perrault

11. Two of the three Rampage goal scorers are tied for the longest streak of games with a goal at 6. Which one DOES NOT hold that record?

a.Jeff Hoggan b. Kyle Turris c. Mikko Rantanen

12. Which of the following enforcers hold the Rampage record for most penalty minutes in a game (37)?

a.Dan Maggio b. Francis Lessard c. Joey Tetarenko

13. The Rampage’s first franchise win EVER came against which foe?

a.Cincinnati b. Utah c. Houston

14. Which team was the Rampage’s playoff opponents in their inaugural season, 2002-2003?

a.Chicago b. Cleveland c. Norfolk

15. In 2008, the Rampage went seven games with which team before losing 4-3?

a.Toronto b. Oklahoma City c. Chicago

16. Which team has eliminated the Rampage in their last two playoff series?

a.Oklahoma City b. Scranton Wilkes/Barre c. Chicago

17. The original dormant franchise which spawned the Rampage’s birth in the AHL was…

a.Rochester Sabres b. Adirondack Red Wings c. Philadelphia Freedom

18. Which Rampage player appeared in a San Antonio uniform in five different seasons—a franchise record?

a.Greg Rallo b. Joel Perrault c. Sean Sullivan

19. Who is the only Rampage player to score TWO hat tricks in a season?

a.Mikko Rantanen b. Yanick Lehoux c. Donald MacLean

20. The first captain in franchise history was…

a.Nolan Yonkman b. Lee Goren c. Bryan Helmer

There you go! We went tough on you…harder than a Rocky Thompson left to the kisser.

Favorite moment in Rampage history actually happened in Season 1. Thompson, known more for his fists than his wrists when it comes to hockey, announced early in the season that he wouldn’t shave until he scored a goal. The rugged combination defenseman/forward, current head coach of the Windsor Spitfires of the Ontario Hockey League, and Charles Manson lookalike with his facial hair all over the place, finally scored in March in the first period. When the team returned for the second period, Thompson was completely clean shaven. Rocky said, “I was scaring my kids. My wife wanted it gone.” Teammate Jim Campbell said after the game that Thompson made a beeline to the sink when the team returned to the locker room and started “hacking away on the jungle.”

Final game of the season tonight, have a great summer! Go Rampage!


1C 2B 3C 4A 5A 6B 7C 8A 9A 10B 11C 12B 13B 14C 15A 16A 17B 18B 19C 20B