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Brady Brady Joins The Rampage

In the children’s book, “Brady Brady and the great rink,” a precocious hockey player is trying to build the biggest backyard rink in the neighborhood.

It’s part of a book series that has sold more than 500,000 copies, and the subject of the books is all grown up now. His great rink happened to be at the AT&T Center for the past month.

Rampage forward Brady Shaw is better known in Canada as an animated character suitable for a reading level of ages 4 to 8.

Shaw’s father, Brad, is a former NHL player and current Columbus Blue Jackets assistant. When Brady was 5, his mother, Mary, couldn’t get him interested in reading because he was only interested in hockey. Her solution was to write hockey-themed children’s books with Brady as the main character.

Why Brady Brady? It was so difficult to get his attention that she had to call his name twice.

“There are no stories about hockey, so she wrote a book to get me going. A publisher liked it, and they took off,” Brady Shaw said. “Any hockey-crazy kid can relate to ‘Brady Brady’ and wanting a rink in their backyard or wanting to avoid all responsibility to play more hockey.”.

There are 15 books in the series, along with “Brady Brady and the Runaway Goalie,” “Brady Brady and the Super Skater,” and “Brady Brady and the Puck on the Pond.”

There are no plans for a new chapter called, “Brady Brady joins the San Antonio Rampage on an Amateur Tryout.”

Shaw, who has played in four games with the Rampage after playing college hockey at the University of Vermont, said he always has a few teammates who grew up reading the ‘Brady Brady’ books.

“My mom called and said, ‘Remember those Brady Brady books you actually paid attention to? Yeah, that’s your roommate,’” said Rampage goalie Spencer Martin.

In Shaw’s first season of junior hockey, none of his teammates believed he was the real Brady Brady until he had to call his mother to prove it.

“I actually don’t hear about it much from opponents,” Shaw said. “Most people just think it’s pretty cool.”

While the books are more popular in Canada, Mary Shaw partnered with USA Hockey and copies can be found in the states as well.

Rampage players gave out the Brady Brady books in the past as part of the NHL and AHL’s Stick To Reading program. Spurs Sports & Entertainment has also given out thousands of children’s books each year as part of its Rodeo Read Trip program.

“To see this book in San Antonio, that’s probably the first hockey book a lot of kids have ever seen,” Brady Shaw said. “My family loves hockey, and it’s pretty special to get to share our love of the game like this.”

- Lorne Chan,