Your Favorite Rampage Moments

By: San Antonio Rampage Media Relations

Congrats to our winners of the Rampage Moment Contest – Art Garza (Facebook),  Deb Strong (Twitter) and Courtney Strzelczyk (Instagram).

Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite Rampage moments of the season!

Art Garza:
Getting to meet the players. They're all real nice guys. Then to watch the Players you meant on TV playing for a professional team. That gives me bragging rights saying that I've met that guy and here's a picture to prove it

Jenni Hackworth: Stuffed Animal Night! Each of our kids went and got stuffed animals with their allowance. I was so proud of them. Then my daughter leans over and asks me "What if they don't score?" When they did score my kids (all four of them) threw those bears as hard as they could. They loved seeing all the bears for the kids!

April 'n Matt Oleson: Getting to meet the team and show them the obstacle course on Lackland. also, my daughters loved going to the games! Can't wait till next season!

Diane Syvertson Tennison: My first experience as a Season Ticket Holder: attending almost ALL home games, making new friends in my section, meeting the Team but most of all - being a Fan (win or lose) for this great bunch of guys!!

Michael Satterfield Jr.: Bringing my beagle to pucks for paws.

Mandi Maldonado Swisher: Riding the chic fil A zamboni w my son

Blaine Lavallee: I'll go with the stuffed animal night. Glad we got the only goal and I can only imagine all the smiling faces of children receiving the bears.

San Antonio Rampage Booster Club: Working with all the other Booster Club members supporting the team and raising money for great causes.

Shannon Seiber Pyle: Loved the season, the fans, and wonderful friends we have made. I think the best time I had was the STH event at Sideliners. Everyone was in a great mood and got to talk to nearly all the players. Looking forward to those events next year.

Robert Swanson: The DOLLAR Beers

Cathy Hubbard: Near the beginning of the season Vaive was in a fight & Selleck came to the rescue. Afterwards, Selleck gave a big fistpump up into the air & the fans went wild. He's the greatest.


Deb Strong (@BankittyStrong):
@sarampage Opening Night. Anticipation of new season, meeting & greeting old & new friends, esp. 122 & 121-our family.#GoRampage.

Jordan (@jordanhxc): Pink in the rink and opening night. The season ticket holder events and everyone in section 122 made every game fun. @sarampage#gorampage

Megan Braun: (@meggyrae): pink the rink was amazing! (as usual) & to be able to see all the ones we have seen her play get their shot to make it in the NHL#GoRampage

William Cotton (@Wc5216): Watching the game vs Houston with my mother shortly before she left for Houston for brain cancer surgery. #GoRampage

Jay Smith (@smithfamily210): #GoRampage Seeing Rampage players called up & seeing Panthers team who wore the Rampage uniform. Exciting to see them reach that next level.

Nathan Mallett (@RampageNate): @sarampage Walking into the ATT Center on opening night & seeing the @JessicaRedfield pressbox#Goosebumps #GoRampage

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