Training Camp Day One

Glass Panel shatters during Rampage practice

Day 1 of Rampage training camp is officially in the books. 

After Sunday’s physicals, on-ice testing and team dinner, it was clear the team was ready to take the ice and increase the compete level to show the coaching staff and brass from Florida what they could bring to the table here in San Antonio.
The team arrived to Northwoods Ice Center at 8:30 a.m. for a video session before being split into two groups. Team Silver took the ice first, with netminders Jacob Markstrom and Michael Houser receiving an early warm up. 
Team Silver was on the ice for an hour and did a wide-array of drills, ranging from breakouts to odd-man rushes to defensive-zone coverage schemes.
The squad wrapped up the hour-long skate with several sets of suicide sprint drills. It may not have been the dreaded beep-test from the day before, but it was taxing nonetheless.
While Team Silver was on the ice, Team Black was on the adjacent indoor turf field at Northwoods doing their off-ice workout. An elaborate circuit was set up, featuring free weights, bungees and medicine balls. 
The two groups flip-flopped activities after an hour, with Team Black taking the ice and Team Silver hitting the circuit workout. 
It was a strong first day of camp, but there was a minor hiccup.  
While Team Black was warming up on the ice, a puck was fired at the glass near one of the bluelines. The puck found a soft spot – and like a scene from a movie – cracked into a thousand pieces. 
Thankfully, the on-ice crew at Northwoods immediately came to the rescue and did an outstanding job of quickly replacing the glass and cleaning up the mess. 
Forget cracking the ice; today the Rampage cracked the glass, too. 
Follow the links above for more coverage of Day 1 and stay tuned in to throughout the week for features and behind-the-scenes videos. 

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