Getting to Know the Rampage: Favorite Meal

The “Getting to Know the Rampage” series continues on as we aim to give fans a little insight into the players and their interests off the ice.
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In this next installment, we asked a two-part question related to food. If you had one last meal on earth, what would it be? And conversely, what’s your least favorite food? Here are some of their responses.
Last Meal on Earth
– Jonathan Racine 
Dominos Pizza
–Bobby Butler
–Joey Crabb
Can it be dessert? Chocolate cake.
–Ryan Martindale
Steak, sweet potato fries and a Caesar salad
–John McFarland
–Garrett Wilson
–Steak and lobster
Quinton Howden
Steak with something on the side
–Michael Houser
Least Favorite Food
I don’t hate it but pasta is not my favorite, because we only eat pasta for hockey.
– Jonathan Racine
–Bobby Butler
I’m not big into seafood.
–Ryan Martindale
–John McFarland
Tuna. I wish I liked it though
–Garrett Wilson
I like everything – there is only one thing I don’t like and it’s mustard.
–Quinton Howden
Nothing really. I’m not that picky of an eater. Anchovies – that is honestly the only thing I can think of.
–Michael Houser

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