Getting to Know the Rampage: Summertime

07/03/2014 8:30 AM -
The “Getting to Know the Rampage” series continues on as we aim to give fans a little insight into the players and their interests off the ice.
Click here to see what some of the guys focus on for their offseason training and also check out their favorite meal.
In this next installment, we asked how the guys spend their time away from the rink during the summer.
I play golf, and my buddy has a boat so we’ll go out on the lake almost every weekend.
– Jonathan Racine
Relaxing with my dogs and golfing.
– Bobby Butler
I do a lot of outdoors stuff – fishing, camping, my parents have a cabin on the lake so I do that just about every weekend.
– Joey Crabb
I golf, and I play a little guitar.
– Ryan Martindale
Golfing, fishing.
– John McFarland
I’m a big golfer. I try to golf three times a week or so. I like getting out there.
– Garrett Wilson
Family, golfing, travel – basically spending time with family
– Quinton Howden
In the summertime, it will be spending time with family and a little golf here and there.
– Michael Houser
I’m going to be able to spend more time with my family on the Cape this summer and spend time on the beach relaxing.
– Connor Brickley

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